The twelve powers of a vampire

The twelve powers of a vampire

Dear Susie,

Thank you for the absolutely exquisite crimson lamé veneration dress. It is literally from another world!!! I was reading a book on vampires last night and found some vital information you may like to know, just in case.

Angela, London



Create other vampires: Some believe the vampire can choose to create more of its kind; others believe that it takes three bites to be effective.

Flight: The bruxsa, langsuir and aswang can fly; other vampires change shape to fly.

Misting: Gives the vampires access to places that are hard to secure or reach.

Strength: Equal to that of many men; increase with age.

Hypnosis: Useful for luring and ensnaring victims.

Change in size or dimensions: Good for tight spots.

Control the elements: Power extends over wind, rain and other natural forces.

Control of animals: Power extends over many creatures, including insects, rats, fleas and bats.

Eternal life: Varies in length; not all vampires are immortal.

Scale walls: Vampires are nimble as spiders.

Transformation: Vampires can turn in to bats, cats, dogs, wolves, and butterflies. Also insects, rats, birds, fleas, mice and locusts.

Drain life force: An attribute of the psychic vampire.


Dear Angela,

Thanks for the information. Definitely good to know!

Much love,



Painting – The Vampire by Edvard Munch