This is such a gentle and measured description of a photograph of a bedroom full of meaning. Love, Susie x


The Spare Bedroom

The room felt undisturbed and

Peaceful. By the window a vase

Had been placed on a small high

Table, garden flowers and herbs

Gently illuminated by sunlight

The sun had cast a rectangular

Shape of light onto a worn rug

and a comfortable old armchair

and partially reflected in a mirror

in the corner of the room. The

window was bathed in light and

framed with painted circles, dots

and abstract flower shapes, all in

the familiar Bloomsbury style.

There was ceramic lampshade

Attached to the ceiling, an upside-

Down bowl shape cast in shadow


From Charleston Farmhouse 1981

A photographic recollection of the home of the Bloomsbury Group in Sussex


By Kim Marsland