Poetry of Logical Ideas

Dear Nick and Susie,

I hope you don’t mind me writing to you both, I’ve written quite a lot to Nick in the past as the odd inspiration has hit but this time I felt I wanted to ‘talk’ to both of you.

I am so inspired by your work – both your songs and the beautiful dresses of the Vampire’s Wife, I’ve just this morning dived into the Stuff page properly and there are just so many wonderful things! I feel I’ve found a sort of magic in everything you produce together.

It is this I wanted to ask you both about – I’m currently in the strange limbo of A-levels, I have a few exams left and then am set loose on the world to find my way. I have applied to a wonderful University near the sea to study Maths – a subject I love and one that is far more tied to creativity than you might expect, I heard it described once as the ‘poetry of logical ideas’, a phrase which sparked that same enchanted feeling.

I am in a period of a bit of fog – I find myself questioning my love for the course and whether the university is right, even though it is a beautiful city and one that I could happily see myself wandering around, dreaming of the sea and the world. I wanted to ask you both when you felt you had found what you were meant to do?

Love Daisy x

Dear Daisy,

Nick passed this letter onto me and suggested I answer it, so here goes!

I began to make dresses for The Vampire’s Wife because I literally did not know how to deal with life after the death of my son, Arthur. I had to do something. I had no idea how rewarding, but also how extremely difficult it would be. It was a small act of survival that expanded into something beyond my dreams! But I know if I had have had even an inkling of understanding how much work and energy this job would require I never would of started it. But it saved me. Sometimes, all that is required is to take the first step.

Your beautiful description of both the subject of Maths and the University you choose feels full of bright expectation, and there seems to be little doubt in my mind that you should follow this dream. What a wonderful time of life this is for you.

I wish you the best of luck.

Love, Susie x