It is all beyond us

I received a letter from my Brooklyn friend, Janine, yesterday, and she talked very openly about the feeling of premonition around the death of her brother and more recently a friend, that confirmed her belief that time was not linear and another world is probable. Well, I don’t know, but I suspect as much and I reread her letter again as it was so beautifully articulated and so generous in nature and so comforting. And then the phone rang and I answered it and it told me that darling Lucy Birley had died, the night before. She was a beautiful, cherished friend, loved by so many and we lost one of the very best of people. We lost her, dear Lucy, to some dark force, and it is all beyond us, completely beyond us, but I hope that she knows, wherever she may be, in whatever world and in whatever time, how much we all loved her. Dear Lucy.

Love, Susie