In praise of Catherine Deneuve

Catherine Deneuve

Sitting up last night reading an old interview for Art Press with feminist provocateur Camille Paglia. I came upon this story of Camille’s run-in with her idol, Catherine Deneuve, in the late sixties. Such a wonderful story! Love, Susie x

“Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, and Stephane Audran were brilliant images of sexual sophistication. When I arrived at the Yale Graduate School in 1968, I hung a large poster from Belle de Jour of Deneuve (provocatively turning her bare back toward the viewer) on the wall above my bed.  It was a sacred icon—for which I was strangely rewarded by soon being led directly into the path of Deneuve in New York: we literally ran into each other, face to face, in front of Sak’s Fifth Avenue department store—into which, shocked, I impolitely pursued her to get an autograph. I was, of course, nobody—just a student—but it was an incredible episode that convinced me of certain irrational energies at work in sexuality that border on the mystical.  Nature, magnetism, and animal instinct rule us in ways that we will never fully comprehend.”

Camille PagliaCamille Paglia