Letter from Unicorn Girl No. 2

Dear Susie,

Have you ever seen the Merchant Ivory adaptation of A Room With A View (1985)?

Why is there no continuing fanfare for such a classic that seems to encompass all of my favorite things: Helena Bonham Carter, the breathtaking landscapes of Italy and the English countryside, gentle comedy, the Victorian costumes… all with a supporting cast of Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and an unexpectedly droll Daniel Day-Lewis!

Of all the films ever made… this would be the one to jump into like a Mary Poppins painting. There are no villains, there is no injected drama… and yet it feels as though the most charming reality is unfolding before our eyes. It holds a more soothing fascination for me than Tiffany’s held for Holly Golightly when she said, “Nothing very bad could happen to you there.”

It teaches us how to set our spirits free and that the only way out of a muddle is to follow the heart and not the intellect.

P.S. For my birthday, I splurged on your Rose Metallic dress! I haven’t worn it out yet, but it is one of those precious few and highly treasured garments that I randomly open my closet just to look and touch—like Moira Shearer with her pair of The Red Shoes…


Unicorn Girl


Dear Unicorn Girl,

Thank you for your letter. No! To my shame, I haven’t seen A Room with a View, but I will do a bit of husband-wrangling and try to get him to sit with me and watch a period romance with no ‘injected drama’ tonight! He’ll love it! Thank you for writing such a beautiful letter. I love receiving letters from the world beyond!

Much love, Susie.